Dear friends and colleagues,

Curtains have dropped after the 3 days of the Congress and, even if we would have liked to have you here for a longer period, you have already returned to your families and to your work.

We thank you all for the highly professional presence to the Congress, your Oral presentations, Posters and interventions during the sessions contributing (following the impressions we already received from your great majority) to a successful and unforgettable event.

From our side we tried to prepare everything so that to assure to everyone the best conditions for participation to the Congress works and to the social events.

If we succeeded not to upset you too much we shall be pleased and in case that we made errors (nobody is perfect!) we apologize for all inconveniences we created and we want to assure you that nothing was made on purpose, but was only due to the pressure of the time, as it seemed to us during the last two weeks before the Congress that 24 hours a day were not enough…

We want to send a special gratitude message to the ex-President of IAH, Mr Antonio Menezes da Silva, who, during all the period since Romania received the nomination for holding the Congress here, supported us with his advice and direct involvement in our relationship with each of you and for all his activity during the Congress. His leadership was very efficient and with his friendly attitude towards everyone he succeeded to keep a strong and active Association together, trying, at the same time, to modernize it.

We are sending our sincere congratulations to the new President of IAH/IAE, Mr Ciro Ferreira for his election and we wish him a very successful mandate, assuring him of our full support in all future activities.

We are pleased that the next Congress will be held in Algeria and we wish Karima all the strength to assure an even better event and we will be ready in any moment to support her with our experience, so that to avoid the errors that we made.

We are opening now a new page on this site with photos that we made at the Congress and with some of your comments received after its ending.

We will leave another free page where, in case that you want to share with all others the photos you took during the Congress and during the trips some of you made in Bucharest and in Transylvania, you are invited to send them to us and we shall put them here (3-5 representative photos each).

Thank you all once again,

Carmen & Laurentiu Cretu and all other members of LOC and staff