We are pleased to present you here under some of the comments received from you after the closing of the Congress.

We thank all of you for these kind words and thoughts and it is a great support for us knowing that we succeeded to make you fill this way and to remember the Congress and Romania…

Dear Carmen
Dear Laurentiu
Dear LOC of XXVI WAE Congress
Dear all

Of course I already thanked Carmen, Laurentiu and the local team, for their very important job to organize the Congress and all their work and attention during it.

I am very happy concerning the Scientific level of the Congress: the organization and session’s distribution, the topics and discussions in each session, the Oral Presentations and the Posters, the quality of each presentation. So, many thanks to all speakers and participants. Also the impeccable conditions: rooms, technical setting, slides double projection, etc.

On the other hand the breaks for coffee/lunch, very well established with all we need and in a very nice atmosphere. The social events in proper places with very good food, wine, music and and the surprising firework in gala dinner. Amazing!!!

Finally your kindness and warmest friendship. In all moments you have a special attention to everybody, explaining, informing and helping, in different needs. Simply great. You are in our hearts. Bucharest will remain in our minds as a very beautiful and modern city, seat of one the best Congress of the story of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF ECHINOCOCCOSIS!!!

Remembering Alanis Morissette song: Thank you Carmen, thank you Laurentiu, thank you Andrei … thank you LOC, thank you Phoenicia grand hotel, thank you Bucharest, thank you all…

Now is time for a break and recover energy for your own duties and your family.

Thank you once more,
Kind regards. Take care,

António (Menezes da Silva)

Dear Carmen,

We had a very good meeting.
We enjoyed your hospitality and cordiality.
We are very grateful.
Now they can rest a bit !!!!
We will meet in Algeria.

Edmundo Larrieu

Thanks a lot again, Carmen as well as your precious ‘bras droit’, Laurentiu. I am sure that everybody, like me, appreciated the warm welcome (especially thanks to your friendly students and colleagues), the impeccable technical setting (very comfortable conditions: grand-format double projection of slides, very good sound as soon as the speakers considered the microphone as an ice-cream!), the exciting social events (from coffee breaks to lunches to parties: good coffee, good food, excellent wines and spirits, entertaining music and dancing…), and the multiple occasions of learning from and exchanging with colleagues on more scientific matters.

Bucharest will definitely remain among the ‘grands crus’ of the World Congresses on Echinococcosis.

Cheers to all, and see you in Algiers/Alger!

Dominique (Vuitton)

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu

Thank you very much for your kindness; everything was excellent: hospitality and organization, all in a very nice atmosphere.
I met new friends from all continents. I am very happy to will meet you all in Algeria, next Congress in 2017.
I will do by best, but it will be very difficult to compete with you, Bucarest,
I also wish to congratulate the new President – Ciro Ferreira.

Kindest regards, see you soon in Algeria.

Karima Achour

My dearest friends Carmen and Laurentiu,

I did already thank and congratulate you but once more I would like to extend my appreciation to you both and also Andrei and whole your team worked together to make a memorable and successful congress. Of course this is a team work but the leader is very important to organize everything and get success…So I would like to congratulate to you once more for your all effort and kindness before, during and also after the congress. I am also happy that young scientists from Turkey had poster prizes to encourage them (and even the other colleagues from Turkey) to work more on echinococcosis to attend to the World Congresses of Echinococcosis. I also thank so much to Antonio for his effort and endless energy before and during the congress. And I also congratulate Ciro to become a President and whole Executive Board Members of this valuable Association.

So, thank you so much again you and your team for kindness and friendship and make another memorable congress for all participants scientifically and socially.
See you all in Algeria! And I wish success to Karima to organize the next congress.

Greetings from Izmir,

Nazmiye (Altintas)

Hi Carmen and Laurentiu.

Thanks a lot again.
Everything was excellent! Could not be better! Plaese send also a special thanks and congratulation to all members of the great team that have put the best of each of them for so succesfull event.
I take this mail to greet all the participants of the Congress and wish them a good return and all the best, I have met many new friends and left many to know yet. I hope to see you in 2017 in Algeria.


Leonardo (Uchiumi)

Thank you Carmen for a successful and well organized congress.

Sara-Lavinia Brair

Carmen & Laurentiu,

Agree with the previous emails, everybody here really appreciate the meeting.
Thank you so much for the effort,
All my best!!

Adriano Casulli

Thank you very much indeed!

Thomas Barth

Thanks to you and to all people of your staff!
Best wishes,

Francesca (Tamarozzi)

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu,

Congratulations on a really enjoyable Congress.
It was a pleasure to be in Romania.
All best wishes,

Peter (Chiodini)

Dear Prof. Carmen and Laurentiu,

Thanks for all (a lots of knowledge, social program, friendship)
My best regards,

Zorica Dakić

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu,

I wish to congratulate you for the great organisation of the Congress and all the activities, the hotel was super, the city tour, the food the dancing, the fabulous fireworks.
I am back in Kenya safely.

Cecilia (Mbae)

Dear Carmen,

Thank you so much for the invitation! And congratulations for the organization!
It made me a great pleasure to participate.
Keep in touch,

Irina (Magadalena Dumitru)

Dear  Carmen & Laurentiu,

Thank you soooooo much for your kindness, hospitality and excellent organization. It has been hard work for both of you, but now you can take a deep Breath. Very Good.
See you in Algeria.

Mohamed (Ahmed)

Thank you Carmen&Laurentiu!

It was a real honor and in the same time a pleasure to be present to a such a great meeting.
Best regards,

Patricia Mihailescu

Thank you Carmen&Laurentiu

It was a real pleasure for me and my wife to be in Bucharest in our CE meeting.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Benazzouz Mustapha

Cher Carmen

Cela  a été un plaisir de passer ces quelques jours avec vous lors de ce congrès.
Encore Bravo pour l’organisation.
A très bientôt

Franck (Boue)

Thanks you so much for the effort of all team.
It was a real pleasure for me to be present to the Congress.
All my best,

Teofilia Banu

Thanks, Carmen and Laurentiu!!

Mar Siles-Lucas

Dear Carmen,

I want to congratulate you on a wonderful congress. I very much enjoyed my time in Bucharest and the hospitality provided by you and your team.
Take care,
p.s. Thanks to Laurentiu’s expertise as a tour guide, I am now sure to include Romania in my future vacation plans.

Christine (Budke)

Dear Carmen / Dear Laurentiu

Thank you both for organizing such a nice and fruitful congress.
All very best wishes,

Majid (Fasihi Harandi)

Together Forever!


Thank you Carmen&Laurentiu!

Thanks you so much for the effort of all team.
It was a real pleasure and  honor for me to be present to the Congress.

Vasile Cozma

Dear  Carmen & Laurentiu,

Thanks very much for your efforts for getting the hydologiests together. Bucharest has been in our memory. Take care and have a nice rest.

Wenbao (Zhang)

Dear Carmen,

Thank you and your team for the echinococcosis congress which was fruitful with  new ideas and new friends from all continents.
Hope to have more communications on echinococcosis with all who attended the Congress.
With best wishes from Iran,

Mahmoud (Sadjjadi)

Thank you, Carmen and Laurentiu, for a very nice conference! Hope you will have some time to relax.
Looking forward to the pics!

Thomas (Romig)

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu,

Thank you for making WCE enjoyable and unforgettable!

Patrizia (Rossi)

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu, congratulations for the good organization. I hope to return in Romania with my family as soon as possible. A presto.

Fabio (Galati)

Dear Carmen,

Many thanks to you and your whole team for the great hospitality and the perfectly organised Congress. I enjoyed it very much!
With my very best wishes,

Daniel (Hegglin)

Dear Carmen and Laurentius:

Thank you very much for your kind letter. I join to the different acknowledgements that you are receiving.
First of all, I want to point out note your great hospitality and kindness. To this, it is added that the congress was very good in terms of organization, development and the level of communications, posters and conferences. The social activities were excellent and nice, and we enjoy Bucharest.
Therefore, my biggest congratulations for you and your team!
Hoping to meet you at the next congress at Algiers, in the certainty that Karima Achour will organize it very well.
My kindest regards,

Jorge A. Guisante

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu:

We wish to thank all the attention received during the Congress of Hydatidology, and to all your team.
We really believe that was a very good Congress. It was a pleasure and honor for us to be present and share with you this activity.  Surely we keep in touch to continue working on this important issue that is the echinococosis.
All best wishes,

Ciro Ferreira, Susana Elola, Estella Dos Santos, Pilar Irabedra

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu,

I think that Nazmiye has said what we all think – that it was an excellent conference, well organized and very entertaining in the evenings.
Many thanks for this enormous effort, and we will remember you always.
Greetings and Best Wishes from New Zealand.

 David Heath

Dear Carmen and Laurentiu,

I just would like to thank you so much for your hospitality and the friendship and of course for the successful organization of the congress…I also would like to thank to your team that they worked very hard during and I am sure before the congress too…
Kind regards,

Nuray Altintas

Dear Carmen & Laurentiu!

I want to thank you for the excellent organization of the Congress. You and your team have done a great job. Everything was great. Very friendly, very seasoned professional, very warmly. Many thanks to all participants. I hope to meet you in the future at other congresses. I will miss Romania.

Dear Laurentiu,

I want to thank you for your honesty, kindness and the excellent organization of the Congress. Romania – an amazing country that will forever remain in my heart. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much again.

Olga Rudneva

My congratulations for the marvellous congress, spectacular.
Thank you very much.

Carlos (Sanches Ovejero)

Dear Laurentiu and Carmen,
I would like thank you for everything you did for us. The Congress and even the tour, everything was excellent and wonderful.
Thanks a lot again.
Best Regards,
Hai hua (Bao)

Dear Laurentiu,

We would like to thank you (although it is a little bit late) for your excellent organizing of our stay in Romania.
Everything has been just perfect: The plan of our visit, your interesting stories, your responsible concern, the unforgettable nights of congress and the tasty food you ordered for us.
Due to you, we have got to know well Romania and the Romanian people.
We cannot stop telling about you to our friends and we recommend everyone who wants to visit Romania, to be in touch with you as a tourist guide.
Please send our regards to your wife and family. Thank Carmen for the interesting Congress she has led.
You know, Laurence, that we always trust you and love you lot.
Looking forward to seeing you either in Romania or in Israel.

Levana and Michael (Furth)